Orphan Home and Education : This was started at Bhongir town of Nalgonda district of AP with a vision of helping the orphans who are in millions in India. We want to help at least a few children out of them. The Lord challenged me to pick up the two homeless children from the road side who were orphans, and the Lord began to speak to me look at the birds of the air they will not store food, yet I provide, how precious you are I will provide for you and orphans. There I prayed to God and started picking up the desperate orphans.. We have 71 children in the home and need to have support. This home is managed on faith. We are planning to have 100 children in the home and to help them in providing food, shelter and education. We are looking for a school project for the villagers and tribals and Daliths as educational project. We have enough place to build the school. Think about blessing the orphans with a school.

Micro-credit programs and self employment : With aim of giving self employment to the destitute widows and rural poor people. We have started sewing centers in slums of the city and rural villages. We have graduated several women after the completion of the sewing course and we have provided them with sewing machine, so that they could earn their living for the family survival. God had done wonders with several sewing centers to minister to them with the gospel more particularly with gypsy people. Some of them came to know the Lord and began to live for Christ. Added into our village churches. Recently we have given sewing training for the 2 batches (12 each batch). We are looking to the Lord for some resources. Please pray with us and share your faith action with us.

Medical ministry and camps : we have conducting medical camps from the inception of the GCM in 1994 in the villages where the medical services are very rare. Several eye camps were conducted and hundreds and in-fact thousands have been treated in these camps mostly in the villages. Praise for few committed doctors who comes and helps voluntarily. On the 20th Nov 2009, in village called Malaya 430 people were got the medical treatment. It was so helpful.

Evangelism and Church planting : We were able start our work between the gypsy tribal and interior villages, since 1994. We planted 30 worshipping groups in different villages. We gave the glory to God for His enabling strength to us to carry the gospel to the unreached. Both my wife and I started to preach the gospel to the gypsy tribal and to interior villagers group and baptizing them.