About GCM

Great Commission Ministries birthed in 1994 with aim of reaching out tribal with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to uplift the poorest of the poor community. GCM (Great Commission Ministries) is duly registered organization under Indian laws. The organization is registered with Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.1976, wide Reg.No.11/21022/61(47)2003 010230563 to receive foreign contribution from any part of the world any amount.

With small beginning we have grown considerably as the need for expansion occurred. Over the past 15 years we have made few changes in our approach when our motto and aim remind unchanged. We praise God for many who could be part of this journey of last 15 long years and their ongoing prayerful help.

The infrastructure of GCM

GCM board meets twice in year where each of these meetings has different focus. At the beginning of the year the board has more of business and budget meetings. And the end of the year more strategy for the upcoming year and evaluation of the work and different projects and so on.


The board will pass on the decisions to the executive director where the implementation of the decision by the board will become reality the Chief Administrator who also is the executive director of the organization.
The executive director runs the day to day operation of the organization with team of 5 coordinators who are responsible for different Major ministries of the organization. These 5 coordinators works with team leaders who will share the leadership responsibilities with coordinators.

Also the organization registered under section 12AA of Income-tax Act 1961 with the Director of Income-tax Exemption, Hyderabad Wide File Number Hqrs.1/99/12ADIT(E)
To exempt the income of the organization from the income tax. And it will be tax exemption for the donors.
The executive director maintains the finance along with finance manager. The finance manager is responsible for accounting the receipts and preparing the statements both quarterly and yearly. All our books get audited and submit the reports to concerned department with government.